WKLBC Activites

What do we do?

As a Club, we arrange a variety of events – including: local social gatherings; attendance Provincial occasions; and trips to UGLE.


  • Informal “Drinks Nights”
  • Organised visits to other Lodges
  • “Meet the PGM” – Curry Evenings
  • Private visits to London Heritage Attractions
  • Sunday Lunches – “Chairman’s Lunch”
  • Regular Breakfast Meetings


  • Attendance at Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter
  • Visit to the Provincial Officers’ Mess
  • The Provincial Summer Ball
  • Provincial Raft Race
  • Provincial Go-Karting Tournament
  • Representing the Province – to promote the Craft at local shows, displays, and public events in the wider community.
  • Representing the Province at Civic Parades and Remembrance Day events

United Grand Lodge of England

  • Trips to UGLE Quarterly Communications & Lunch at the Grand Connaught Rooms with Grand Officers
  • Trips to the United Grand Lodge of England’s annual “Master Masons Conference”.
  • Trips to the UGLE Masonic Library & Museum

Our Communications


All LBC members are given access to our Facebook page on joining.  There you can chat with other Club members – and keep up to date with events and activities.


“Blues News” is a periodic update from the Chairman of the Light Blues’ Club – which is e-mailed to every registered member of the Club.

West Kent light Blues Team App

We have been using this TeamApp for quite some time and it has proven a great tool for the members of the West Kent Lights Blues to keep up to date with what's going on and up and coming events .

Get in Touch

If you want more information about the West Kent Light Blues Club, please complete the form and someone will get back to you.

If you want to join the club, please also complete the registration form: West Kent Light Blues Club Membership Form – Revision 3