I imagine the first two questions you will ask is: “What is the Light Blues’ Club – and why should I choose to join?”.

The aim of the Light Blues’ Club (LBC) is to provide a regular opportunity for those members who have not yet attained Provincial Grand Rank to meet with each other in a convivial, non-hierarchical environment to discuss items of mutual interest.

It also offers its members the opportunity for a co-ordinated “voice” in the Province in order to communicate upward, and offer an input to West Kent’s future policy development, strategy, and direction.

Put simply, I am acutely conscious that our Light Blues are the future of the Province and have a key contribution to make to ensure that Freemasonry continues to move forward.

Having come through each and every step in the Craft, I can vividly recall that, sometimes, the journey can feel awfully slow.  Lodge offices that one is quite capable of performing are often many years away, and may seem completely out of reach.  Likewise, Provincial Appointments and Honours can seem on the distant horizon.  However, there may well be many areas where Light Blues can play an important role in the Province at a much earlier stage their Masonic journey.

Therefore, I hope the Light Blues’ Club will become a significant group in the Province where the Executive can: “sound out” its members on progressive ideas, receive constructive feedback and have the opportunity to identify talent.

Given the size of our Province, I believe it is realistic to set the Light Blues’ Club a stretch target of 500 members over the next year or two so that it can achieve its full potential, and be recognised as a key element of your Masonic journey and a positive asset on any West Kent member’s CV.

The Light Blues’ Club can be assured of the Executive’s continuous support – and my personal involvement, in that endeavour and I encourage each of you who qualifies for membership, to register and consider taking an active part in its activities.

Mark Estaugh

Provincial Grand Master