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Interested in joining

Below are a few questions that we get asked about the light blues club. 

Q: Who can join the Light Blues’ Club?

A: Basically, any brother who has not received Provincial Honours can join the LBC.

This includes:  Entered Apprentices; Fellow Crafts; Master Masons; Wardens; Worshipful Masters; and Past Masters.

Q: Will it take up lots of time?

A:  The LBC can take up as much, or as little time as you choose.

We fully understand that in this modern age the working man have significant business and family commitments – which may restrict the time he is able to devote to the Club’s activities. 

However, as this is a Club – rather than a Lodge – there are no progressive offices – so you can come along to the LBC as, and when, you have the time to spare.

Q: Is it expensive?

A:Membership of the LBC is free.  There is no joining fee or annual subscription to pay.

The only expenditure would be for ticketed events that you may wish to attend

Q: How do I join? 

A:         You can contact the LBC by:

E- mail:  You can write to:

By phone: You can contact the Secretary or the Chairman for an informal chat on the numbers listed overleaf.

There is a very short form to fill in. Download here –West Kent Light Blues Club Membership Form – Revision 3 and once that’s been returned, you will receive: a welcome e-mail: access to Facebook page; and periodic updates on our activities and future programme of events.

WKLBC Key Contacts

Mark Eyles-Thomas
Mark Eyles-Thomas

Deputy Provincial Grand Master


Mark James
Mark James

Chairman – Light Blues’ Club


Tel:   07952 723888

Paul Holmes
Paul Holmes

Vice-President - Light Blues’ Club


Tel:  07766 551474

Fraser McManus
Fraser McManus

Secretary – Light Blues’ Club


Tel:  07956 844839


Get in Touch

If you want more information about the West Kent Light Blues Club, please complete the form and someone will get back to you.

If you want to join the club, please also complete the registration form: West Kent Light Blues Club Membership Form - Revision 3


West Kent light Blues Team App

We have been using this TeamApp for quite some time and it has proven a great tool for the members of the West Kent Lights Blues to keep up to date with what's going on and up and coming events .